Sun-N-Fun 2007

Made it down to Lakeland for Sun-N-Fun 2007!  First major fly-in in my own machine.  Of course I got there too late to be judged but now at least I can say I made the trip.  Hoped to lauch out of KLZU around 6AM but instead didn’t make it in the air til 7AM sharp.  Stopped at 42J, Keystone Airpark, to fill up ($3.45) before I made it to the KLAL area.  The arrival went pretty well… but I did learn one thing.  I should not paint my next RV red and white because there was another RV entering SnF with the same colors right behind me!  Had no idea who they were talking to.  But alas I made it there.  Took forever to get to parking.  Bet my engine loved that – just turning over for 30 min on the ground. 

Right after the airshow, and I mean right after… I pulled the tie-downs, hopped in the plane and launched for KLZU.  Was thinking of flying west to the coast and do a little sightseeing on the way back.  Decided against that due to fuel reasons.  I made it back to KLZU non-stop in about 2 hrs, 20 min.  Could have done it faster had my intersection fairing not been sticking out in the wind.

I have a picture album online if you’d like to see.  Lots of great airplanes there.  Some planes and performers I’ve never seen before.



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