Fixing the NLG

Yesterday the goods to fix my nose landing gear showed up from Genuine Aircraft Hardware.  Good people to deal with.  So today a good friend of mine helped me get the plane back in flying shape.  First order of business was to remove the nose gear assembly.  Not a problem.  Then we came up with a plan of attack.

Ideally we’d like to ream both the mount and gear leg at the same time.  However we couldn’t guarantee the parts would stay lined up.  So we reamed the engine mount first and then the gear leg.  We set the NAS6605-28X bolt in the freezer while we went across the hangar row to chat with another buddy and fix a CHT probe on his gorgeous C-182.  After that was done, I lubed up the bolt and proceed it to insert it from the bottom.  Took a hammer with me in the plane – it needed some tapping to get it in.  Eventually we stepped up to the rivet gun.  Once it was in we tightened it a little at a time.  Unfortunately it took 5 washers (one under head, 4 under nut) to get it on there properly.  Not the ideal situation but it’s not coming out. 

GAHco drill and reamer NLG assembly


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