Updated GRT software

Made it out to LZU today after work.  Hoping to go fly but I only got a chance to update the software in my GRT EFIS to V29E.  At the same time I updated the AHRS software to version 0.24.  There is this warning (below) about updating the AHRS software.  Because I paid $300 for a pitot-static check, I think I might lose my very accurate altimeter settings (i.e scale factor and calibration numbers):

A bug was found that caused a discontinuity in the altitude calculation near 12,000 when the altimeter scale factor was set to a value other than 1.000.  No problem occurs if the altimeter scale factor is set to 1.000.The altimeter scale factor should be checked before or after loading this software.  It is accessed on the altimeter calibration page, which is accessed from the main settings menu.  The altimeter calibration page must be set to “ON” to review the settings in the AHRS.  The altimeter scale factor appears as the 3rd entry on this page, and is labeled as “scale factor”.

If the scale factor is set to a value other than 1.000, then the altimeter calibration will be affected by this software change.  The accuracy of the altimeter must be verified before the next flight.

If the scale factor was already set to 1.000, then this software update will have no affect on the altimeter accuracy.

If the scale factor is not 1.000, it should be set to 1.000, and rough calibration of the altimeter should be performed by setting all altitude corrections (the 5000, 10,000, 15,000, etc. entries) to zero, and the altimeter bias should then be set so that the
altitude and baroset agree with a known accurate source (such as ATIS).  This will provide sufficient accuracy for VFR flight.

After that was done, I removed the front half of the wheel pants to check the tire pressure.  Had to put a few pounds in.  Put the plane back together so it’s ready for the next time.


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