Lots of good food at 2J3

Just walked in the door after making it back from the Catfish Fry, generously hosted by Pierre Smith.  Alan, Mike and myself launched as a 3 ship out of LZU and picked up Reno overhead.  After we picked up Reno, Kahuna dropped back to pick up Alan who dropped well behind us.  Did a pass overhead with Mike’s smoke on and then came around for the overhead break on Rwy 31. 

About 4 RV’s beat us in.  But over the next hour or so the field filled up quite well.  Over 30 airplanes, at least 25 of which were RV’s made it out on this gorgeous day for flying.  Most of the planes were from the Atlanta area (about 100 nm northwest) but we did have one RVer all the way from Texas.  Think he was in the area on other business, though.  I’d have better pics but the batteries in my Digital Rebel died.  So I was stuck with the cheap Panasonic FX-01.

The catfish was great – cooked perfectly… and so was everything else.  I saw Barefoot Billy manning the fry station most of the time with lots of other helpers prepping the food… everything from hush puppies to fries to boiled shrimp.  So thanks to everyone who helped with the cooking duties… and many big thanks to Pierre for arranging this nice afternoon.

Pierre didn’t ask us for any money… if we wanted to give anything it would go to a great local charity, the Broken Shackle Ranch.  This facility takes at-risk kids (14 – 17) and teaches them all the valuable lessons of life.  From carpentry to church to opening a bank account.  So my money went in the bucket as well as lots of other givers.  Quote from their website: “Broken Shackle Ranch is a Christian youth home that specializes in helping young men ages 16-19 by teaching them responsibility, discipline, work ethic, and moral values.”



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