Going home (to 4G4)

Ever since I first flew my RV I knew I wanted to take it ‘home’ to my hometown of Canfield, OH – the megatropolis that it is.  What a better day to do it than today?  Woke up to find that my wife and daughter went to the in-laws for the weekend.  Checked the WX on the net, called FSS, got the dog to the kennel and headed out to the airport.  What a great flight north.  Since I only had about 33 gal when I launched I decided to stop at Richard Downing Airport in Coshocton, OH (I40) on the way for cheap gas… $3.63 full serve!  After filling up on 100LL and some good local ice cream, I headed northeast for 66nm to arrive at my destination – Youngstown Elser Airport (4G4).

This great little hometown airport is closest to my parents.  Much closer than KPIT, KCAK, or KCLE when we fly commercial.  Each easily over an hour away.  It only took me about 2.8 to fly to 4G4.  Door to door it was about 3.5 hours!!  So much better than the 5.5+ hours it takes when we fly Delta.  The drive home to my parents only took 7 minutes compared to the 1 hour drive it normally takes from the big airports.  The RV is such a great machine.  Flew the whole way at 9500′ and it was as smooth as can be.  To date, this is my longest flight ever in any small airplane piloted solely by me.

After I arrived, I helped the parents with some landscaping.  Then we headed back to the airport to give some rides to family and friends.  Then it was time for some mexican food (ok, not the best thing in Northeast Ohio).  This was the weekend of the Hot-Rod Supernationals so it was a little more happening than usual.




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