Fixing left wheel pant

Decided to finally tackle the left wheel pant.  Shortly after I got it painted, the lower aft intersection fairing became delaminated.  This was due to the local airflow flowing into the gap between the wheel pant halves.  And what did this cause?  A noticeable reduction in airspeed (drag) and slight yaw.  I’ve been coping with it by the redneck maintenance program – duct tape.  At least it was white duct tape that matched the paint. 

So today I went to town fixing it.  Put some reinforcing glass over the delaminated part and built up the front edge with micro/epoxy.  Tomorrow I am going to apply some glass to the front half of the wheel pant to cover the gap.



One Response to “Fixing left wheel pant”

  1. samboutros Says:

    “redneck maintenance program” …?
    I need to speak with a supervisor! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you guys and check out your new ‘RIDE’!!

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