Almost ready for my multi check ride!

Last week I started on a new venture.  My multi add-on rating!  My lovely wife Janet has been pushing to pursue my long time career goals… and now is the time to do it.  Better to go thru life knowing you gave something your best shot than regretting you never tried later.  Long story short… looked into various flight schools but decided to do it locally at KLZU where my RV is based. 

Side note – glad I didn’t blow $50K with the #$%$’s at All ATP’s. 

Today was my third lesson in the mighty Seminole and we’re already talking check ride next week.  Have logged a total of 3.9 hours so far.  The joke is that with your multi training – you never get to fly a twin with both engines working til after your rating.  Here is one of the two Seminoles at The Flight School of Gwinnett.



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